Top Dollars Quickly When Selling Your Home – If Only You Stage Your Home

This is no hype but a proven technique in real estate business. Home sellers who have used the professional help of Home Staging stand testimony to this fact.

Think of it this way – people need a home for living – nevertheless there is a downturn economy, foreclosure fiasco, and recession in the financial markets etc.

They are buying a home, which is most appealing to them in all aspects.

The need for selling a home by the owner – however hard the decision making might be – arises for many reasons. Relocation to another town for employment or business reasons; intention to buy a new home for the use of the family; requirement of finance to meet impending commitments such as mortgage, children’s higher education, marriage in the family and so on.

Similarly the same reasons work in the reverse direction for buying a new home – either for your own living or as an investment to derive permanent rental income – for the property buyers.

Whatever the reason is, a home appearing on the market for sale becomes a „commodity“ in a true marketing sense. The deep passion, love or attachment an owner has towards the premise as one’s „home“ – a place where the joys and sorrows of life and ups and downs occurred during the period of living there – all of them vanish, once the property is put on the market for sale. It is going to be a different owner, different family and with different tastes from then on.

But only one thing remains – the purpose for which the said „commodity“ is put on sale – namely converting the premises into money. It follows that the home owner is desperate for the property to be sold at the right price and the selling process ends, as quickly as possible.

Over decades, home selling in the US housing market was compared to a cake-walk. Particularly during the real estate boom years of 2000 to 2006 it was still easier, when home owners dictated terms to buyers and even selected one from among many competitors. But not anymore – since the housing bubble has made the real estate business topsy-turvy, where hundreds of thousands of homes are lying unsold, in all parts of the country.

This is the dire situation prevailing now, even in remote and smaller towns of the US. For example in the Commonwealth of Virginia, which does not come into the Top 10 States of worst-hit real estate locations for foreclosure epidemic, there is a small port town – Portsmouth – one of the Independent Cities constituting the Hamptons Roads metropolitan area.

This city is maintaining more or less the same population from 2000 to the latest 2008 Census, numbering 100,577 people. The historic active US Naval facility, known as Norfolk Naval Shipyard is located in Portsmouth, where US Navy’s ships of all types are built, remodeled and repaired.

The cityscape of Portsmouth contains many historic architecture buildings, hotels and neighborhoods, where people are living peacefully. The real estate business, as elsewhere, was trotting on even keel at Portsmouth as well. But as of now, there is a recorded inventory of 1,166 homes waiting for buyers, along with 203 foreclosure properties.

In such a stagnated situation, it becomes even more imperative that you make your home „commodity“ stand upfront in the listings of properties for sale. How can this be accomplished? Well – an accredited Home Staging professional in the area can do the trick like magic.

With an abundance of experience and expertise gained through repeated Home Staging exercises, an accredited Home Staging professional can help you achieve your objective of neatly presenting your home, as the most attractive one in the neighborhood.

They approach your home with a critical eye, stepping into the shoes of a prospective buyer, right from the very outside appearance of your home to find out „flaws“. For example, the trees and hedges in the front garden may have overgrown, giving a gloomy look of the frontage. The first thing a Home Staging professional will do is to clear this and make similar tactful arrangements to give your home a pep and pleasant „curb appeal“.

In fact this is only for a starter and a seasoned Home Staging pro will not leave any place of your home unprepared – simply put, they will walk through your home like a buyer would – from the front door to the backyard and make every room welcoming and leading to the next. Having handled an array of home buyers, they know the psychology of the buyer like the palm of their hands.

You can very well discuss the Home Staging plan of your home in the presence of your selling agent, with the Home Staging professional, to keep it most suitable to your budget coastwise. Once the appropriate Home Staging is done, you can list your home for sale and find without fail that your home sells for Top Dollars and in Quick Time for sure.

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Source by Ramaswamy Sundaram

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