Selling Your Home: A Last Look Back

You’ve finally sold your home and the paperwork has been completed. You have received the full purchase price from the buyer. The new owner has asked you when they can move in, and you grudgingly give him a date. He agrees and shakes your hand. You feel a lump on your throat as you close the door and take one last look at your home. You don’t want to leave but in a few weeks, a new family will be living in this property.

What should you do when it’s time to move out of your home? The first thing you should do is to get organized. Go through the entire house and take note of the items which you can bring and which should be left behind (i.e. chattel included in the sale). Next, comes the hard part … packing and sorting. Start with the large and bulky items. If possible cover these with bubble wrap or swags of fabric to protect the surfaces from unnecessary bumps and scratches. Then start focusing on the smaller items: from books to throw pillows, accessories and décor. It would be best if you could crate or box these items according to room. Have a box dedicated primarily for all the china (make sure you wrap each piece in paper, else you might end up with broken dinnerware), another box for all the gardening equipment, another box for your books, and so on and so forth. Make sure that you label each box properly.

Once all of the bulky pieces, the fragile boxes, and your personal packs have been hauled by the movers, you should walk through the entire house one last time. Not to tearfully say goodbye, but to check if you are leaving the property in order. Make sure that all the light bulbs are working, all the toilets are clean (and flushed), the windows are washed, and the floor vacuumed (or at least, free of dirt and debris). When you’re fully satisfied with the condition of the house (it’s no longer your home, remember), you can now hand the keys over to its new owner. If you wish, you can present the new owner with a small token, a housewarming gift – a small gesture to make him feel welcome in his new home.

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