How to Minimize or Avoid Brokerage When Buying a Home

The number one such cost is the brokerage you pay to the real estate agent or the brokerage firm. Brokerage is the fee charged by middleman or broker between the buyer and seller. This fee alone can significantly add up to the cost of buying your home and make you exceed your budget for buying a home, as most brokers charge a brokerage fee of 1% to 3% of the total sale price. And, when buying a home even 1% can mean a lot of money.

Here are some ways in how you can minimize or totally avoid the brokerage fees when buying a home -:

  • Though brokerage or the estate agent’s fees is often said to be paid only by the seller and not the buyer, in practice the estate agents claim brokerage from both the seller and the buyer. But, if you search hard enough you might be able to find a broker who takes brokerage only from the seller and not the buyer.
  • With the help of internet it is not at all difficult for you to find homes for buying instead of going to a real estate agent or a brokerage firm. There are many sites on which homes for sale are listed where you can contact the seller directly without having to go through an agent. This means you get a zero brokerage or no brokerage home and you totally save all the money you had to pay as brokerage fees.
  • There are many online sites offering zero brokerage or no brokerage homes, which you can find homes on. With such sites existing a zero brokerage home is just a Google search away from you.
  • Leverage your network of friends, relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances to find a home to buy instead of going to a broker. You’ll surely have someone in your network who is looking to sell a home or at least knows someone who can put you in touch with someone wanting to do so. You’ll save a ton of money in brokerage fees by taking help from your network to find you a home.
  • Last but not the least, if you find that there is no other option other than going to a broker to find a home to buy, use the age-old technique of negotiating with the broker. Bargain for a good deal and be persistent until you find a broker who accepts your terms. This way, even though you won’t be getting a zero brokerage or no brokerage home, you’ll at least have a better deal and will have to pay less in brokerage fees.

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Source by John A Franklin

If Real Estate Licenses Came With Marketing Degrees

Most real estate agents are not marketing experts. They did not get into real estate on their way to a lucrative marketing career. In fact many agents don’t know anything about marketing and so they just do things as they have always been done. And the way it has always been done in real estate is with image advertising. This is not news. It is an obvious fact that can be found by simply looking around your own neighborhood and in your own mailbox.

One of the major aspects of image advertising employed by real estate agents is the large color photo of themselves. When I see these kinds of ads and signs, with the agent’s picture being the most prominent thing in them, I wonder why I should care what they look like. I know this will sound harsh to many of you that are currently using this kind of advertising, but I am not sure how my real estate agent being photogenic will help them sell my home. I consider myself to be an average consumer. And as such, for me to pick up the phone and call the phone number off of any advertising, I need to see the benefit to me. I don’t see any benefit to me in these ads.

So if image advertising is not the way to go, what is? Direct response advertising. With a direct response ad you give people a reason to pick up the phone and call you. You can compel people to dial into a call capture hotline with any number of benefits to them. The key is that you offer them something of value such as a coupon, a free report, or a free home evaluation. People are much more likely to call an agent that is offering them a free report on „10 Tips To Selling Your Home Fast“ than they are an agent that is only offering them a nice smile.

The other important thing that you can do in a direct response ad is set yourself apart from the competition. This kind of marketing is perfect for yellow pages ads. If you look at the ads that are usually running in the phone book, they all look the same. What is going to compel someone to choose you over all the other agents in there? If you use the standard image advertising approach, there is nothing there to get the consumer to pick up the phone and call you. However, if you have a direct response ad that immediately grabs their attention and tells the consumer what you are going to offer them (a FREE report for example) and how to get it (by calling your 24/7 toll free call capture hotline) you set yourself apart from all the other agents in the book.

Direct response advertising also has one more major advantage over image advertising. You can’t track image advertising. Image advertising has its place and that is in businesses that have the time and resources that are necessary to have people recognize their name or logo on sight. Real estate agents usually do not fall into that category. They are working with tighter budgets and shorter timelines. They need to know if the ads they are using are working now, what their return on investment is, and what ads need to be scrapped. This can all be accomplished with direct response advertising. Direct response advertising, when done correctly, has a call to action built in that when acted on, can be tracked using call capture technology. This allows real estate agents to really see what is working for them and what is not.

Most real estate agents are not marketing gurus. When they got their real estate license it did not come with a degree in marketing. So it is understandable that most agents just do things the way they have always been done when it comes to advertising. Unfortunately, that is image advertising. If you want to compel people to call you, stand out from your competition and be able to track your results from your advertising efforts, direct response marketing is the way to go.

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Source by Brandi Armstrong

Real Estate Commission – A Corrupting Influence

Real estate commission is the way in which real estate agents are paid for the services they provide. They receive a percentage of the price received for the property. Effectively, the real estate agent requires the seller of a property (the vendor) to sign over to the real estate agent a part of the property being sold.

Another way of looking at it is to say that the real estate agent, through the wording of the listing contract, effectively has his name added to the title deed of the vendor’s property, so that the real estate agent becomes a part-owner of the property. When the property sells, the real estate agent receives a payment that represents his share in the vendor’s property.

Most readers will be aware of the arguments in favour of real estate sale commissions, so I won’t discuss those here. My focus is on the ways in which the sale process can be skewed against all parties involved, when the motivation to win a commission takes precedence over more important considerations.

Commission is a „winner-takes-all, loser gets nothing“ situation. This increases the pressure on the real estate agent to secure a sale. Time is also a problem. If the real estate agent cannot secure a sale within a time acceptable to the vendor, the vendor may take the property off the market, or away from the real estate agent’s agency. This will result in a total loss for the real estate agent.

Finally, the vendor becomes an obstacle between the real estate agent and his commission goal. In order to receive payment for his share of the vendor’s property, the real estate agent must receive an offer to purchase within the available time, but the offer must be accepted by the vendor. If the vendor decides that the offer is not acceptable, then the real estate agent loses.

In order to win the gambling game that is real estate sales, the real estate agent may decide to tip the odds in his favour – and there are numerous ways in which this can be done.

At the listing stage the real estate agent may use improper means to win the listing contract. These include over-quoting on valuation, and offering dodgy sales figures.

During the sale process the real estate agent may be tempted to tell potential purchasers things that are untrue. I have seen many sale contracts with clauses designed to protect real estate agents against the consequences of false statements. Known as „porkies clauses“, they invariably state that the purchaser acknowledges that any information provided to the purchaser by the real estate agent is provided on the understanding that the purchaser will not be relying on it for any purpose.

When a purchaser has submitted an offer, and the purchaser cannot be convinced to increase her offer, the real estate agent may be tempted to pressure the vendor into accepting what would otherwise be unacceptable. Observations, such as „the market has softened“ or „the market has spoken to us“ are used by real estate agents to convince vendors that the real estate agent’s high estimation of value can no longer be relied upon, and that the vendor should now accept what the vendor believes is an unacceptably low offer.

For some years now, I have been arguing that real estate services should be provided on a fee-for-service basis.

I will explore the replacement of real estate sale commissions with a fee-for-service structure further in future articles.

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Source by Peter Mericka

Find Out Now The Hottest And The Latest Information About Mallorca Properties For Sale!

Even if the Internet is filled with Mallorca properties for sale, finding the perfect property can be a real challenge for those who do not know how to use the advantages of this technology. A lot of people resort to real estate agents, being attracted by the wide variety of properties including apartments, town houses, new and resale villas. Mallorca is famous worldwide for having some of the finest properties for sale such as: country homes, deluxe residences, holiday apartments, villas, waterfront and golf properties.

If you are interested in Mallorca properties for sale, then you can rest assured as there are more choices than you could imagine. Countless real estate agents and their websites will provide you with everything you need to know when it comes to gorgeous Mallorca properties for sale. The available properties can suit diverse budgets, ranging from basic studio apartments to lavishing villas. Just pick out the ones that is within your budget range and it suits your personal taste. You can surely find a Mallorca property for sale to your own liking.

The properties for sale located on the island of Mallorca that are the most desired by customers are spread all throughout the South West part of the island and are very well represented by a wide and diverse range of properties. Absolutely all of the Mallorca properties for sale are carefully inspected by experts and all of the property offers available on the market are presented to you through direct instructions coming from developers, owners, as well as their legal representatives.

There are many estate agencies that are accepted at a large scale and that are considered to have a high professional reputation on Mallorca. No matter the size, the business is based on some strong and well defined features, such as quality, good position and location, high satisfaction and professional services of expertise and general assistance in the financing, taxation and valuation fields.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, Mallorca assistance services assure a smooth transition without any difficulties or uninterrupted after sales support. Mallorca properties for sale have a considerable number of representatives and they are not to be found on the Internet (either described or photographed) at the request of the owner. That person might have precisely requested the specific clause to be introduced in a legal binding contract when it came to picking out a website to promote a certain Mallorca property for sale. Some owners prefer this option as they want to protect their property from unauthorized intrusion, which is quite frequent nowadays because of the impressively increasing number of Internet viruses.

A Mallorca property for sale is the perfect solution for you if you have fallen in love with this beautiful island on your first visit or if you have been coming regularly here for some years. By buying a Mallorca property for sale you will not only make a safe and profitable investment, but you will also satisfy your insatiable hunger of being close to this island every time that you feel like seeing it in all its splendor.

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Source by William R Wood

Real Estate Agent Slogans

Catchy taglines are everywhere in advertising. Whether they rhyme, or they inspire, or they create a memorable image, taglines are something every advertising agency works hard to craft. How many of us know, „Like a good neighbor“ or „Just do it“? While you might not create a slogan as memorable as those, you should be able to come up with something that your local clients will always think of. Need a little inspiration to get started? Here are some suggestions for slogans and ways to get the creativity rolling.

When you do come up with a slogan, you need to use it throughout your advertising and on your website. That way, people will be faced with the association frequently and they will be better able to keep your name and the slogan together.

Your slogan should be short and sweet. Try your best to keep it under eight words. Anything longer will just deter people instead of drawing them in. It should also make sense for the brand you are creating.

One thing you can do is come up with a rhyming slogan. Case in point – a Realtor named Scott Geller tagged „The Home Seller“ after his name and because it rolls off the tongue so smoothly, it has become all one phrase. And, that makes it easy to advertise. His word of mouth campaign keeps his advertising costs low.

Your slogan should make a tug on the heartstrings, too. You are taking part in one of the most important events in a person’s life. By letting your customers know what you can do in terms of customer service, your slogan will help quickly convey what you can do. Consider something like, „Jane Smith – Helping Your Family Make the Right Move“.

Avoid any slogans that are bland or generic. They won’t work to set you apart from your competition, and they might even work against you. If your slogan is generic, your potential clients might think you are, too, and that you won’t be the best agent they can find. Think about something like, „I’ll take the stress out of your home buying experience“, or „Call the Carson City condo specialist“.

You can also consider your location for your slogan. When you add in your place, it not only helps make you the personal expert for someone, you also boost your search engine ranking.

Creating an image in your potential client’s mind is an effective slogan, too. Assuring your client you can solve the mystery of home buying or be their personal navigator makes that slogan unique and memorable at the same time.

If creativity is still escaping you, you can contract this process out and hire a professional. Some will even blend the slogan into your total advertising plan, and not charge you too much for it.

Now, if you come up with a slogan and you test it on your friends and family but you receive a negative reaction, be ready to set that slogan aside and pick something else. You should also not take it personally. Try out another one and keep going until you do find one that is well received.

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Source by Bill Len

Best Rooms to Repair When Selling Your Home

When you decide to sell your home, there are always going to be rooms that need a bit of attention, and these may play an important tole with potential buyers because of their use or size.

Whatever it is, you should make sure that repairs are done so that when visitors come in, these rooms stand out. Most home owners will not have to knock down walls or do structural repairs, as most of these are quick and easy DIY renovations that you can finish in a few weekends.

The Kitchen Repairs

Many people’s final decisions on buying a home can be based on a kitchen, as it is the „epicentre“. The kitchen is where the family often spends time together and also where home-cooked meals are enjoyed every day.

There are many excellent changes that you can make to your kitchen that will not cost you a fortune, and you can create a fun backdrop with tiles, or put in new kitchen benches.

If you have wooden cabinets, rubbing some orange oil into the wood will help get rid of a dry appearance and bring the life back to your cabinets. You should also consider replacing the handles on your drawers and cabinets.

Here are some other easy tips for updating the kitchen:

• Replace any old appliances with new, stainless-steel products.

• Create more storage space in your kitchen by extending your cabinets.

• Create a flow in your kitchen by removing any unnecessary clutter and furniture that may make your kitchen appear to be small.

Renovations for the Bathroom

The bathroom is a place for privacy and relaxation, so besides a good clean, your bathroom may need some updates to appeal to buyers.

If you have any missing tiles from your bathroom, you may want to start by replacing them. You should also swap the doorknobs and the bathroom fixtures. Before an ‚open inspection‘, put all your toiletries out of sight, as it helps make the bathroom appear nicer to buyers.

Overall Repairs

If you have carpeting, you may want to consider replacing it as this will give the best rooms in your home a new, fresh feel. Screen doors that are torn or very old should also be replaced.

The more modern your rooms look, the more appealing they will be to your potential buyers. Do not stress yourself out with design and colour palettes – keep them basic and neutral.

Making renovations to your home will help to add value and sparkle to your home. You can ask for a higher selling price, and you will attract more potential buyers.

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Source by Cindy Melvin

Northville Michigan FSBO: Whether You Need to Sell or Want to Buy

With prices on Northville Michigan FSBO condos starting around $170K and Novi, Michigan FSBO single family homes closing at a half million, first time buyers, with not so perfect credit or little money to put down, may think that home ownership is out of their reach.

Likewise, investors looking at properties listed as „For Sale by Owner“ in Northville, Michigan might think there is no money to be made here. But, with a little help, buyers, sellers and investors alike can find the right opportunities for their specific situation to create win/win/wins for all parties concerned.

Novi has grown fairly constantly since the 1950s and is currently considered one of the fastest growing cities in Michigan. Home of the recently renovated multi-million dollar Twelve Oaks Mall and less than thirty miles from Detroit, property values are good. Some of the Novi Michigan FSBO properties are waterfront, which is highly desirable for many people.

Northville is right next door. The people who live in these suburbs, according to the most recent census, are mostly married couples with children and the median family income is between $90 and $100K per year. With nice neighborhoods and good schools, it is not unusual to see a newer Northville Michigan FSBO home in good condition priced in the upper $400s.

On the other hand, it is not unusual to see ads like this, „For sale by owner in Northville, Michigan, price recently reduced, owner must sell quickly.“ In January 2007 alone, more than 20 homes in the area came up for auction and even more are in pre-foreclosure status. What’s the problem? For the most part, auto industry layoffs. According to Governor Granholm whether you like her or not, the state has 635% more automotive jobs than any other state in the country.

Experienced investors like us here help facilitate transactions because for every „motivated“ seller, there is an equally motivated buyer. Currently state and local governments are working to attract more „economic diversity“ to the state, in other words, jobs that do not rely on the automobile industry. The people who get those jobs will be looking for a place to live.

The trick for us as investors is to use our knowledge and experience and bring the buyers and sellers together…helping them „find each other“, so to speak, without a real estate agent. Cutting out the real estate agent means more money in everyone’s pocket, although we can even work with Realtors as well if one happens to be representing you.

Homeowners in trouble should know that there are ways to avoid foreclosures. Buyers, even those with problem credit, should know that they can own their own home, usually on a rent to own basis, thereby creating equity for themselves rather than throwing away money to a landlord.

And sellers should know that if they are having problems selling their homes, and are motivated to work on terms, investors like us can employ various strategies in helping them achieve their goals, such as land contracts, finding a buyer for a lease option, and helping get that buyer financed.

The real tragedy in reading the Northville Michigan FSBO ads as they linger for months on end, is that there are creative yet simple solutions. can help by bringing buyers, sellers and other investors together.

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Source by Dan Ho

FSBO Selling & Low-Ball Offers

There are some particular things that happen when selling a home by yourself. You will have to be able to deal with them in a professional manner in order to receive the best price for your home and not be taken advantage of. One of the first things that you will have to deal with is the abundance of calls that you will likely receive from local realtors wanting your business. They will tell you that they can sell your home quickly and for more money, but of course, there is a commission attached to this so it’s in their best interest to get your business. However, if you have planned properly for your sale and have done the necessary market research and are confidant that you can sell your home yourself and save the commission fees then stick to your guns!

Another thing that you may have to deal with is low-ball offers from buyers who think they can get a reduced price simply because you aren’t being represented by an agent. As agents are usually experienced at negotiating, people expect to pay more and have more trouble with getting a lower price. If you have priced your home properly then there should be no need to cut your price down, buyers should realize the value of your home and be willing to meet your price. Be ready for people making low offers in an attempt to find out what your bottom line is. If you receive an offer that is too low for your liking, make a counter-offer that is acceptable to you. Whatever you do, don’t be desperate to move the property. In all likelihood the buyer’s agent will identify this quickly and you will end up losing money in the end.

Don’t sell yourself short in this process, and never settle for an offer that is less than you know the home to be worth. FSBO selling is tricky and there are people out there who will prey on uneducated FSBO sellers. Make sure that you are not one of them.

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Source by Kevin Bilberry

Home Staging Guide

Home staging is an exciting real estate industry which is changing the way property is sold. Real estate staging has proven itself to be the best investment an owner can make in their property when they preparing their home for sale, featuring a dollar for dollar ROI second to none. Staging is fast becoming a necessity when selling a home, especially in today’s sluggish and competitive real estate market.

Home staging is not interior design or decorating. Staging is a form of advanced real estate marketing which involves aspects of design, landscaping, psychology and sociology all rolled into an artistic science (or maybe a scientific art). Staging is defined as preparing a property for sale by improving the aesthetics of the home or commercial space to appeal to the greatest number of prospective buyers. Home stagers seek to create an atmosphere of universal appeal to the target buyer demographic, increasing the chances for a solid offer on the property. To put it very simply, home staging is all about removing your stylistic influence on the property and making it easier for the buyer to see themselves living there instead.

Home staging uses a variety of techniques to improve the desirability of a home. The exact methods used to stage a home vary depending on the specific details and circumstances of the property, seller, anticipated buyer type, real estate market condition and home price. However, there are some universal ways which virtually all home staging strategies have in common when enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a property.

The first thing which must be done in any good staging job is to de-clutter and de-personalize. This means to remove the footprint of the current owner on the home and replace it with neutral décor which will connect to buyers. Owners are encouraged to clean out their homes and move most of their nonessential possessions into temporary storage. This will give them a head start on their anticipated move and provide a nice clean and clutter free atmosphere for the home. De-personalizing means to remove taste-specific décor and accessories from the home, as well as any personal items, such a collections, photo galleries, trophies and souvenirs, as these can be incredibly distracting to potential buyers.

Now that the home is ready for improvement, owners are advised to redecorate using a combination of their own salvageable furniture or rented items which will bring out the best character in the home. Layout and proportion are key elements of good staging, as these will increase the perceived size and functionality of the space. The entire color palate should be neutralized to provide a warm, but universally appealing presence all around the home. It is crucial when decorating to accommodate the wish lists of prospective buyers, not base the decisions on the preferences of the current owner. After all, this is the purpose of home staging! Owners must put their needs behind their desire to make their home more marketable.

It is vital to stage a home both inside and out. Curb appeal is a term used to describe the first impression a property makes when potential buyers view it from the street. This first impression has been statistically proven to set the tone for the entire tour of the home, so it is truly crucial to make a good one! Additionally, yard space must be prepared with the same attention to detail as the interior of the home. Outdoor spaces and secondary property structures, such as garages, guest houses and sheds, should all be given personalized attention before listing real estate for sale.

In conclusion, it is extremely important to remember to stage the home first and then list it on the open market. This will maximize the value of your staging investment and will provide all the marketing buzz your home needs to stand out from the competition. After all, a staged home will appear flawless in those all so important MLS and print ad photos, as well as look fabulous when the first agents and buyers come knocking. As a final note, be advised that home staging is a safe investment, since it is tax deductible in the US and is known to create incredible increases in sale price, while minimizing the time it actually takes to sell the property. Home staging is a winning strategy for anyone who wants to sell their home for top dollar in the shortest time possible!

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Source by Adam Rostocki

How to Buy and Sell Property Online without Estate Agent Fees

If you are interested in buying a home but you don’t want to have to pay real estate agent fees, you are not alone. You can often have the sellers of a home pay your real estate agent fees, but why mess with that? Just because you buy property doesn’t mean that you have to pay outrageous fees to a real estate agent. Many consumers get fooled into thinking that they have to have a real estate agent, but there are some great tools at every consumer’s disposal that do away with the need for the help of an agent.

First, you want to look in an area for a home that you know a little bit about. If you have to buy house in an area that you aren’t all that familiar with you have to be willing to do a bit of leg work. For instance, if you want to buy property in an area you should be willing to look up the value of the home by contacting the county that the home is located in to find out what its appraised value is. You may also want to look up the appraised values of the homes surrounding the home that you are interested in. This will enable you to know for sure if you are getting a good deal or a bad deal on the property and you can do this yourself as property values are public information.

Whether you want to buy or sell property you will want to have the house appraised as well as inspected. The inspection is more for the buyer, but the seller will know for certain after an inspection that they are selling the home in good condition and nothing can come back to haunt them later. An appraisal as well as an inspection can be done without the use of a real estate agent. As long as you ensure that both the appraiser and the inspector are certified you will be in good shape.

If you are trying to sell house you will want to ensure that it is in good condition and you know the value of the house before putting it on the market without the help of a real estate agent. A buyer also needs to figure out who their target consumer is and how best to market to that type of consumer. There are many different Internet programs out there that will do the advertising for you for much less than you would pay a realtor. You will also want to familiarize yourself with the paperwork that will need to be completed for you to sell property to someone else. Many people underestimate how much work it is to sell property, but it is hard work. Make sure that you will have time to show the home, and also make sure that you can step back from the property emotionally and show off the good attributes of the home to balance them with any drawbacks of your particular home.

Buying and selling a home without a real estate agent is possible, though it does take a bit of work. Both the buyer and the seller need to find out how much the home is worth, if it is in good condition, and each needs to become accustomed to the paperwork that needs to be written up to transfer the home from one individual to the other. If you really want to buy or sell a home on your own you can do it, and it will save you as much as 4% on the sales price of the home.

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Source by Caitlina Fuller

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